Home Food Preservation

MSU extension is offering Home Food Preservation Classes at Isabella County Bldg. 3rd floor kitchen. 200 N. Main St Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858

Classes are $10 per session or Free for WIC, SNAP and Bridge Card Participants

To register contact Kara at 989-317-4079 or lynchka4@anr.msu.edu or by clicking the links below.
Registration is required to ensure that there are seats and materials for everyone

All Information on this Page is Quoted Directly from the MSU Extension Food Pamphlet

May 30 12pm-2pm

Jam and Jelly

Learn how to preserve shelf-stable jam and how to make freezer jam

June 12 12pm-2pm

You Can Do It! Preserving Michigan's Harvest - Pressure Canning, Water Bath & Steam Canning

a lot has changed in the science of food preservation, learn research tested techniques using a pressure canner, water bath canner and a steam canner

July 17 2pm-4pm


Michigan produce tastes great year round, learn how easy it is to freeze. You don't need a big freezer to do this either!

July 9 12pm-2pm

Water Bath Canning

(Youth Class)

This is a class catered to youth. We will discuss what canning is, and experiment with water bath canning

Classes For Groups

Freezing and Canning

The growing local food movement has renewed consumer interest in safe food preservation techniques. Participants learn how to provide safe, high-quality products using the latest research on food preservation. The food preservation methods covered include freezing, boiling water bath canning, pressure canning and dehydrating. Learn how to safely preserve food from the comfort of your own home. Classes are usually two-three hours in length and the fee ranges from $10-20 for most classes. The classes can be individualized to suit most needs

Cooking For Crowds

The Cooking for Crowds curriculum was designed for non-profit groups that cook for their organization or for their public. These groups traditionally don't have professional training in cooking large volumes of food. This class is taught in 3 hour format. $10 per participant. 

Cottage Food Law

This class explains the Cottage Food Laws for those interested in selling homemade foods directly to the public. There may be a business marketing component as well. Cost is $10-20

Contact 989-317-4079 for more information